BIM: A proven solution for design and construction professionals

Tilt-Up Design Systems Makes it Easy for Firms To Design With Tilt-Up

At Tilt-Up Design Systems, BIM is an integral part of our approach. In fact, the Tilt-Werks® software solution was designed to enable subscribers to easily and efficiently develop a complete tilt-up project design and construction package including the BIM data. This approach ensures that architects, structural engineers and designers can plan and design tilt-up projects using intuitive real-time on-screen entry of wall geometry, loading and design details. The completed design information and drawings are then available to designers, contractors and material suppliers.

This information can be exported using customized interfaces within the Tilt-Werks® application created for manufacturers and suppliers, which enables them to quickly respond to customer requests and project schedules. Rather than duplicating documents, project information and drawings can be shared in real time among the project team. These features can literally cut weeks of time from the project design and construction schedule.

Tilt-Werks® is the only tilt-up application that integrates structural engineering design with the generation of drawings, BIM data, material quantities and cost estimates in one package.

  • 3D Building Modeling
  • Whole Building Analysis and Design
  • Automatic:
  • Wall Panel Engineering
  • Wall Panel Drawings
  • Reinforcing Design Drawings
  • Reinforcing Placing Drawings
  • Reinforcing Cut Lists
  • Material Take-Offs & Cost Estimates
  • Realistic 3D Presentations